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  • SIZE DOES MATTER: 4oz mugs are only 3″ tall, perfect for little hands. BittyMugs are kid-sized and if your kids are anything like ours, they love little stuff that looks like grown up stuff. Other “kids mugs” are still 8oz or 12oz, which is way too big for a toddler. They might have kid designs, but they’re definitely not as easy to use as BittyMugs. With BittyMugs, drinks and snacks are easier to hold, more fun to eat and maybe even more delicious because they’re just the right size for kids.
  • KIDS LOVE THEM: When you have your morning coffee or tea, invite your kids and they can have their very own kid coffee mug for a change. Whether they get “kid coffee (warm milk)”, tea, juice or water, they’ll be smitten with you…and their little animal lion mug. See for yourself on our Facebook page or Amazon customer reviews where parents and grandparents share their stories.
  • WIDE BASE PREVENTS SPILLS: BittyMugs were designed by a mom with toddlers. If you’re tired of cleaning up spills, BittyMugs are especially shaped so they don’t tip over. Tipping is often why mugs break in the first place. Ideal Waldorf mugs and Montessori preschool mugs for schoolchildren.
  • SAFE FROM HARMFUL CHEMICALS: Our baby mugs are certified Lead Free, Cadmium Free and since they’re not plastic, ceramic mugs are naturally BPA Free. Harmful chemicals can leach from plastics into our foods, especially hot liquids like hot chocolate and tea. Dishwasher safe & microwaveable, BittyMugs are superior over metal cups and bamboo cups for parents that want safe, versatile and durable dishes for kids.
  • MADE TO LAST: It wasn’t long ago that we didn’t own so much plastic. In the 50’s 60’s and, 70’s, we still used ceramic and glass for most things, and some of those are heirlooms worth keeping. Our mugs are made with the highest quality ceramic and glazing processes and every kid mug is hand fired 3 times. Unlike stuffed animals or clothes, ceramic lasts a lifetime and is a gift worth the investment for your kids and theirs
  • MQO:100-1000
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